Ardglass Windows

European Style Double Glazed Windows and Doors

European Styling

We have identified and improved upon all existing PVCu products and processes to create a product that perfectly complements today’s current climate.

All Inliten products offer only the highest standards of performance in quality, security, sound and energy efficiency guaranteed.

Inliten products feature a range of unique and innovative design concepts including:


All external surfaces on Inliten profile systems are 100% lead free and feature 100% virgin PVCu skin.


Inliten products feature positive drainage systems for enhanced weather-resistance. lnbuilt channels ensure that any excess water flows out of the frame and eliminates the possibility of water build up.


Inliten frames feature a mechanically strong and secure glazing bead, ensuring all glazing units, whether double or triple glazed, will remain firmly fixed in place.


Inliten products feature multi-chambers as standard to reduce heat loss through the frame.

To ensure that the rubber gaskets do not interfere with the glazing area, Inliten frames feature an innovative concealed gasket as standard.


multi-chamber design